I am Freddy Dhondt and i have several specimens of the lovely Japanese breed: The Shiba Inu.

I live in the town of Ronse in Belgium together with my children and shibas.

I started showing our male Jaklho Sir Tristan ( aka Shogun) at puppy age and it went very succesfully from the start.

Meanwhile Jaklho Sir tristan is a multi- champion with titles in many European countries.

Soon a lovely black and tan female joined us from the well known Hi-Jinx kennels in the USA and she too proved herself a very succesful showdog.

And so after a few years we find ourselves with a small pack of lovely shibas as we kept some of their offspring and imported another beautiful shiba.

Among them are our own bred dogs who have allready obtained different championtitles too.

They all live happily together with our family in the house.

Enjoy finding out about our shibas....









 Dhondt Freddy

Moortelstraat 89

9600 Ronse


+32 472 307051


Wij spreken nederlands

 Nous parlons français.

We speak English




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